Why some brands can’t be reinvented

Peter Preston Some brands can’t be reinvented. Indeed, mortality as well as vitality lie at the heart of branding. Take Playboy, which, in the space of a few months, has dropped the nude models that made it famous in the early 70s (selling 7 million plus), then, last week, plonked ...
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At last – help with your money from a trusted source!

Big Splash Media has been creating content to help Australian families manage their money for four years, first with The Really Simple Guide to Super and then with The Really Simple Guide to Money. Now, we’ve taken a major step in building out our business online. We’ve joined forced with ...
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How Contentedly sees Marketing versus Journalism

Joe Lazauskas of Contentedly has a valuable contribution to this important debate…What do you think? September 13th, 2016 I’d like to share some big conclusions that came from having many one-on-one conversations with smart people about the future of content marketing. Two ideological camps are forming There’s a pretty clear ...
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How Mumbrella wrote off the glossy

Australia’s glossy magazines today saw the worst circulation results in history. And while there’s no going back to print’s glory years, if media companies choose to focus on digital, it’s not too late for them to win the new battle, argues PR and publishing editor, Miranda Ward. August 19, 2016 ...
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Have publishers got digital all wrong?

It was the first Australian Media Watch we’ve found interesting in a while… According to their special edition, the digital ad model that most publishers are hailing as their salvation is deeply flawed and likely to send them “off a cliff”. The problem: Facebook’s Instant Articles, adblocking and shrinking CPMs. ...
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