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The way we engage with audiences has changed more in a decade than in the last half century. Yet the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

The power of words. The compelling nature of stories. Trust, communicated through language and an approach based on respect. Whatever the medium, these basic tenets remain.

Big Splash Media is a factual creative agency. We are journalists – thoughtful wordsmiths, photographers, videographers and designers who use all platforms and media to tell stories. 

But we’re more than that. We’re marketing strategists and publishers across digital, video, voice and print. 

Once, you needed a creative agency to think up the big idea, a media buyer to find you an audience and a digital agency to translate it online.

Now, you just need us.

Peter Lynch
Publisher & Managing director



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We create campaigning content across all platforms and in all mediums that gets you noticed


Powerful campaigns, native advertising, special reports, sponsored content 


Create custom magazines including concept, design, stories and full production including print management and revenue sourcing


Amplify and syndicate locally, regionally and globally to extend audiences.


We have a full service digital marketing department. The team can help you with anything from web design and implementation to SEO 


Ideation, target market identification,  budgeting, channel selection and placement.



We help you navigate the complex media world

You’re communicating with purpose. It may be to create awareness. Change behaviour. Win the war at the retail battlefront. But how to get the word out?  

At the end of all of that technology, from website video to programmatic, there are people. And people love stories.

We’ll find your story. Then we’ll find the best way to tell it. We’ll devise a strategic campaign. And we’ll help you tailor that story to produce the results you need. 

It might be a podcast. It could be a radio or TV show. Or a new website and social campaign. 

We talk to niche groups – and audiences as big as six million.



The Ethics Alliance wanted to spread the word that an ethical business could be profitable too. It sought an audience of corporate and government decision makers.

How we helped...

We created Matrix – a brand new print publication which was received with applause by some of the biggest corporates in Australia, and a digital publication with challenging content about the ethical dilemmas of business today
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AMP is a wealth management company with a growing retail banking business and an expanding international investment management business. They provide retail clients with financial advice and superannuation, retirement income, banking and investment products.

How we helped...

We took a problem - finding affordable financial advice and created publication that created a partnership with AMP to help families facing financial decisions. The Together Australia Brand and campaign was see by over 10,000,000 Australians seeking financial advice.
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ACM is Australia's largest regional publisher with more than 100 titles and a large digital audience across both trusted regional titles like The Canberra Times and Newcastle Herald to specialist publications like The Land and The Senior. But they had no substantial position in travel publishing.

How we helped...

We created, designed and produce weekly a travel supplement for ACM's 14 regional daily newspapers + a website for its 4 million readers across 142 titles. Our work is seen in print by more than 700,000 and online by tens of thousands more.
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The cruise industry has grown hugely in Australasia, with well over 2 million travellers in the region. The Cruise Passenger and Cruise&Travel Asia brands serve the region's biggest independent audience of over 600,000. It is owned by Big Splash Media.

How we helped...

We helped the cruise industry grow with regional websites, explainer videos and podcasts, print publications and newsletters. The ASEAN governments asked us to produce their official trade online communications, and we have worked with agents, tourism bodies and cruise lines
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The Royal Commission into banking and mortgages created a huge dearth of trust, and a realisation that millennials didn’t understand the principles of financial literacy. The AFA and Adviser Ratings helped us create a new publishing platform

How we helped...

The Royal Commission into banking and mortgages created a huge dearth of trust, and a realisation that millennials didn’t understand the principles of financial literacy.
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Bricklet is an exciting new compnay that allows people to start or grow their property portfolio with low risk property fragments.

How we helped...

We launched a 3 month campaign that helped them to explain their product. We generated over 200,000 eyeballs to their product and mounted a targeted campaign that generated over 3,000 leads at CPL of $1.19.
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