Get a better handle on your content management with Co-schedule


Get a better handle on your content management with Co-schedule

Managing an editorial schedule is always a lot of work. And if you are a publisher that has numerous owned brands to look after, internal and external writers, multiple promotions and more – then it’s a nightmare. To tackle this many headed beast we’ve been researching and trying tools that can help with the organisation of our content and staff across multiple sites and social accounts.

One of the tools that has helped us towards this goal is Co-Schedule. For us it fits seamlessly into our workflow, as we work on WordPress for all of our sites and co-schedule’s plugin works without like a charm. You simple install the plugin and you get a full drag and drop ready calendar accesible from your wordpress admin to begin organsing your content. This helps immensely in improving the flow of our content schedule for our blog articles, and on top of that giving ius a central place to schedule posts on all of our social networks as well. Some nuances would be that it lacks the ability to @mention people, currently possible in other tools, but it wasn’t a deal breaker as the amount of time saved on other process outweighed any negative aspects we found.


Having the ability to add your team and brings everyone onto the same platform and brings consistency to our workflow. We can then plan via the calendar view quite quickly what content is going out and when. The most brilliant feature then comes in to play, which in my opinion is the ability to schedule unlimited social posts at the same time as writing the posts. This alone saves hours of manual work a week jumping across different interfaces, as you can do it all from the one place.

The biggest benefit so far for us is the time you save with Co-schedule, compared to our previous process of single posting on each network and even has an edge on scheduling blog content over using Hootsuite. All in all this tool 8/10, Co-schedule is easy (dare I say fun) to use, helps immensely towards your content organisation on your blog and saves you hours when it comes to scheduling social posts.



  • The interface is very user-friendly and didn’t take long to get staff onboard with this tool.
  • Fast scheduling of social content across multiple networks.
  • Easy integration with WordPress and blogging workflow


  • Inability to @mention people
  • Unable to link multiple blogs to a single account, rather each new site/brand you need to purchase another license which makes it a little expensive.

This is but one of many content scheduling tools out there, but of the few we’ve tested so far it’s one that we will stick with for now.

Go visit Co-Schedule and get your free trial to see if it works for you.

Here’s a short video to show you it’s features:

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

What are your experiences with scheduling content and what tools have you found that improve your daily operations as a content producer? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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